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I portray an image of modern and monstrous women, who are driven by a seductive vision of glamour, money, fame, and success. The women in my artworks are powerful, strong and beautiful, but also terrifying, depicted in a grotesque way, full of exaggeration, hyperbolism, and excessiveness. I combine contradicting elements of beauty and ugliness, pain and laugh, harmony and chaos, life and vanishing, creating a grotesque of a contemporary,  sugar-coated, mass media, fashion-driven representation of society. As an artist I am deeply intrigued in consumerism and 21 century beauty concept  in a tragicomic way. Consumerism and consumption leads to uncontrolled addictions. Questioning perfectionism and our tendency to being ideal.

I am focused on a body and its relation with physical objects of desire. Manicured, but deformed hands, become a symbol of an ageing part of the human body, which is less susceptible to rejuvenation through surgery or a beauty treatment.

There is a hint of criticism of capitalistic society, but aren't we all on the same journey?

Chuck Palahniuk's novel "Invisible Monsters", fashion magazines editorials, fashion campaigns, make-up tutorials, you-tube beauty series, celebrities, ancient mythology as well as other stories depicting women as dominant, powerful and monstrous, all contributed to my works.

Photo by Ewelina Kisiel

Photo by Ewelina Kisiel


Turps Banana Painting Off-Site Programme 2019/2020 

University of Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts, MA Painting 2017-2018

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, BA Fashion Design 

Selected Shows

Flux Exhibition, Group Show, Design District, 4-27th November, 2021

Solo Booth at STARTfair, Saatchi Gallery, London, 13-17th November, 2021

Turps Off-site Leavers Show, Group show,Thames-Side Studios Gallery London, 2-26th October, 2021

Domesticity and Feminine, Open Call Winner's Exhibition, Online, 22/05/21-22/06/21

Mighty Beauty, Mighty Beast- solo show, Bermondsey Project Space, London UK (8th-19th December 2020)

Summer Exhibition Hotel Elephant, London, UK 2019(7th-23rd June)

Rendez-Vous in the Lonely City, Peckham Levels, London, UK, 2018 (14th-30th of September)

Ma Painting Final Show, Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK, 2018 (6th-14th of September)

62 Hands, Lewisham Arthouse, London, UK, 2018.

 Tactilis, PKO Bank, Warsaw, Poland, 2018.

 Coming Out 2015- Kamienica Plac Małachowskiego, Warsaw, Poland, 2015. 

 “Encounters”, Eventuelle Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2015

 Stockholm Design Week Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Green House, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Fashion performance "Tradition for Fashion",  Berlin, Warsaw, Germany, Poland, 2011.

Minister of Culture Award for Artistic Achievements, Poland, 2009.


Interview,The FLUX Review, printed edition 6, 2021

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