I portray an image of modern and monstrous women, who are driven by a seductive vision of glamour, money, fame, and success. The women in my artworks are powerful, strong and beautiful, but also terrifying, depicted in a grotesque way, full of exaggeration, hyperbolism, and excessiveness. I combine contradicting elements of beauty and ugliness, pain and laugh, harmony and chaos, life and vanishing, creating a grotesque of a contemporary,  sugar-coated, mass media, fashion-driven representation of society. As an artist I am deeply intrigued in consumerism and 21 century beauty concept  in a tragicomic way. Consumerism and consumption leads to uncontrolled addictions. Questioning perfectionism and our tendency to being ideal.

I am focused on a body and its relation with physical objects of desire. Manicured, but deformed hands, become a symbol of an ageing part of the human body, which is less susceptible to rejuvenation through surgery or a beauty treatment.

There is a hint of criticism of capitalistic society, but aren't we all on the same journey?

Chuck Palahniuk's novel "Invisible Monsters", fashion magazines editorials, fashion campaigns, make-up tutorials, you-tube beauty series, celebrities, ancient mythology as well as other stories depicting women as dominant, powerful and monstrous, all contributed to my works.



Turps Banana Painting Off-Site Programme 2019/2020 

University of Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts, MA Painting 2017-2018

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, BA Fashion Design 2010-2015

Selected presentations

Summer Exhibition Hotel Elephant, London, UK 2019(7th-23rd June)

Rendez-Vous in the Lonely City, Peckham Levels, London, UK, 2018 (14th-30th of September)

Ma Painting Final Show, Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK, 2018 (6th-14th of September)

62 Hands, Lewisham Arthouse, London, UK, 2018.

 Tactilis, PKO Bank, Warsaw, Poland, 2018.

 Coming Out 2015- Kamienica Plac Małachowskiego, Warsaw, Poland, 2015. 

 “Encounters”, Eventuelle Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2015

 Stockholm Design Week Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Green House, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Fashion performance "Tradition for Fashion",  Berlin, Warsaw, Germany, Poland, 2011.

Minister of Culture Award for Artistic Achievements, Poland, 2009.